Amanda Kraus pictured above with Fall 2019 Music Appreciation students after completing our zine project.

Do you have a communication, writing, or educational problem you think I can solve? First, check out the Inquiries page, then contact me at edu@amandakraus.org; let’s talk!

NEWS: July 25, 2021: Starting in Fall 2021, I will be teaching first year composition at Loyola! I can’t begin to explain how much I am looking forward to it. Definitely in the brainstorming phase of sharing this news. When I am in the first draft stage, I may have more coherent thoughts to share.

CV (abbreviated)

Resume, references, sample classes available upon request.

Assistant Professor and Course Coordinator, St. Augustine College,

Chicago, IL
January 2007 – December 2020

  • Taught all levels of academic writing/composition, public speaking/speech, various levels/modes of ESL, music appreciation, and American culture & literature
  • Course coordinator for pre-composition/advanced ESL and Music Appreciation

ESL/civics/citizenship instructor, Truman College, Chicago, IL
2005 – 2010

Writing center tutor & writing instructor, Illinois Institute of Technology
2006 – 2007