Workshops: (individual or group)

Email for rates and scheduling, or to propose a workshop! I work on a sliding scale to accommodate the widest range of clients/students/organizations. This is a small sample, contact me to find out more:

  • You’ve got to do a presentation…now what? (Getting over a fear of public speaking)
  • Sentence structure for clear communication (Increase the clarity of your communication by understanding how sentence structure can clarify your message)
  • Improvisation: where does it fit into your life? (How do you embrace the spirit of improvisation? How can you find ways to incorporate it into your personal and professional life?)
  • Narrative writing workshop (various options)

Consultations are free and sample workshops are available. Let’s talk!

Currently in development:

Linguistic Bias (various workshops)

  • What is it? (1)
  • Do I have linguistic bias? (2)
  • What can I do about linguistic bias in my interactions? (3)
  • What can I do about linguistic bias in the workplace? (4)